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Friday, December 08, 2006

Announcing a Hiatus
Not that this blog has been a hotbed of activity for a while now, but I am trying to rationally think about aspects of my life and well, as I am currently quite exhausted with the whole process of working and don't think that will change anytime soon, I figure I out to be honest about it.

I'm with child. Which shouldn't surprise really anyone who reads this. And well, I figure that until I am back from the hospital and a couple weeks into recovery (probably early June), I am not likely to blog. I did briefly think of trying to blog as a record of the pregnancy when I first found out, giving full details of the naseau and my general grumpiness around people drinking wine and eating unpasteurised cheese at the same time! But I haven't and well I don't know that I will.

Pregnancy has given us the option to raise a lot of issues with the Blessing, who has been desperate for a baby. Even before I knew, she wanted to know how you knew you were pregnant and even better once women's cycles were explained to her, how old you were when the cycle stopped and crucially, how old was I? She asked last weekend how the baby got out of the tummy. I don't think she was impressed with the answer; all she said was, "hmmm."

She also quite emphatically wants a baby sister. When we suggested she might get a baby brother, she replied "I'd kill him." Last night she elaborated, "I'd kill him. I'd choke him. Then I'd get a baby sister." I am now starting to regret letting her watch CSI with me.

Otherwise, we are all agog in the house over polonium 210 (I am just so relieved that the H hasn't tried to buy it over the internet like his radioactive rocks). My boss's sister would regularly stay at the hotel (her company uses it for all their stays in London. I suppose I would be worrying about cancer around now if I worked for them.

See you in the summer!

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