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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Dreaming about Summer Holiday Plans
I get through much of the bad weather during the spring by simply closing my eyes and pretending I am not in Belfast (extremely close to a call centre) but am actually having drinks, outside at either a Mexican restaurant in the valley or at the lakeside at the Bellagio. Sure it may be cold, wet and windy here but in my mind I am sipping bellinis and contemplating shopping at Tiffany’s.
Which was pretty much Pansycon II—The Jubilee Tour: Never Mind the Pillocks. After the first Pansycon, Mel found this site, Wagerworks, which let you play games and gather points, which translated, in our case, to two free nights at the Bellagio. The site no longer works that way. Which is a pity. And it took an awful lot of on-line gaming to get those 100,000 points. An awful lot of gaming. A lot of monkeys swinging through trees. More video poker than should be healthy. As my husband pointed out, I should have just paid for the room! But I also maxed out the first credit card I tried to use in Tiffany’s so I still feel that all those hours of playing were worth something.

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