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Thursday, April 08, 2004

I admit I have a CSI problem

Welcome back to the bar! Today's drink is a corpse reviver. I've never actually had one but I did try very hard to order one a couple of years ago at Pansycon II. We were staying in the Bellagio for the Jubilee Tour and it was on the room service menu but I being the cheapskate I am, refuse to pay rooom serice prices. So we went down to the bar and tried to get one but all the barkeeps claimed to have never heard of it and couldn't make it. You didn't get service like that when Steve Wynn ran the place!

Anyway, yes I went out last night. And yes I stayed out later than expected (and got the last train home) and yes, I had more glasses of wine than originally planned. That's my explanation of why I had an argument with Greenwood when I got home over whether or not I was Gil Grissom. I maintained I was Catherine but he was having none of that. I do think that my boss bears a resemblance to Gil but maybe that is the wine still talking.

And none of this explains why a colleague gave me a bottle of gin yesterday. I am beginning to wonder about the impression I make on people.

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