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Monday, April 26, 2004

I’ve debated off and on most of the morning whether to include my morning rant or not and well, I have to. If only because my attempt to link between the comment about Gordon and a newspaper article on house prices has not worked. And the html code is in there. I’ve looked. I can see. Anyway, what I really want to rant about is The Guardian and its subscription new digital service which just annoys me in so many ways. I read The Guardian. I read The Observer. I blog because of those damn lefty papers. In yesterdays’ Observer Music magazine, the record doctor went to work on Diarmuid Gavin. I love Diarmuid. I might even let him lose on my garden though it would probably mean losing my turf, my purple rocks, and who knows what he would do with all my little flowers. However, I have to disagree with the man. He thinks Shane MacGowan is god. He’s wrong. Elvis Costello is god. Shane, though talented, has the worst teeth in the world and makes my liver hurt just when I think about him. But I can’t link to the article! I can’t link to the Gordon Brown article! I can no longer see what websites The Guardian recommends every week.

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