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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Who knew Easter had so many days?
Okay, as it may now be readily apparent to my audience of three (and I know exactly who you all are), I am one of those Americans who has relocated to the British Ilses or the Western Ilses or well, we won't have that semantic discussion now. Needless to say, I am almost always culturally adrift and I like it! Sometime I will list all the nifty cliches and figures of speech I have picked up in this part of the world but for now I'd like to talk a bit about holidays.
One of the reasons I live in windswept, damp County Antrim and not Los Angeles County is the amount of time my employer is willing to pay me for when I don't actually work. Weep, all you American readers! Weep and despair. I have, however, had to get used to an entirely different holiday schedule. Out are the favorites of Thanksgiving and Fourth of July. No missing colleague gone to Shul for Yom Kippur and Rosh Hosanna. Mother's Day in an entirely different month. I am still amazed though, that somehow, the powers that be, society and/or builders have turned Easter into a whole week. It's now Easter Wednesday. I was prepared for Easter Monday when I arrived here so many years ago. I learned to accept Easter Tuesday several years ago when I was trying to buy a house and discovered nothing and I mean nothing open on that day. But today, no cars on the road. Of course that doesn't stop the drivers here from killing themselves. That puts the death toll for this week of Easter of holidays currently at 8 and we aren't even at Easter Friday, let alone Easter Saturday. I suppose the moral of it all is that to eat all that chocolate, you need a lot of days.

Where did it all begin
I know, I know, its supposed to be a blog about Kate and Pansy and do you hear anything about it? No. Instead too much time is being spent on real life. Well, I say enough of this and lets peel back the mists of time and remember the very first Pansycon in 2000. It was held in the tropical Treasure Island with its pirate theme. In real life I was depressed, Mel was on all sorts of meds. In fantasy land, I hatched a major scheme involving the pillock. Strangely enough, when walking past Ceasars (that place should have its own UN seat, does it need to be so big?), Kate and Pansy did think up the vision of the Las Vegas Monorail. Of course the original vision called for individual pods that shot from one end to another and just randomly deposited people in front of various emporiums of gambling. This may explain why we are in no way benefiting financially from the new all singing all advertising monorail opening soon at a casino near you. Want to know more about the pillock? Buy me a drink. I'll have a beer. And you will need to buy lots.

Pansycon I didn't really have a hook or a title. It did start the commemorative t-shirt business with the still stylish 'I am the physical manifesting of the empowered goddess' shirt with the standpoint crest. A slogan I try to live up to every single day. Perhaps we need to get the pillock to do some work on that crest.

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