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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Deviant Behaviour
Not that it comes at any great surprise but this blog hasn't really gone according to plan. I was going to just blog and blog my heart out about alcohol and Las Vegas, two of the mainstains of my life--though not as much as they used to be. It is absolutely not going to be about Northern Irish politics, health policy, the joys of assimillation and change management, have I blogged about anecdotal circles? no? I wonder why...

But I have not blogged enough about either of my first two loves recently. Or even really blogged about my fantasy life which never features any kind of inter-office brainstorming session with different coloured post-it notes. Are you a seagull? A shark? Management consultants should be the first up against the wall.

And last night was CSI night. I can actually remember my first conversation with Mel about CSI. It was Pansycon II (Never mind the Pillocks) and we were at the Bellagio waiting for a taxi to take us to the Hilton. We were going to the Hilton because Mel has a thing for Star Trek. She even applied for a Star Trek credit card that trip. The H also has a thing for Star Trek. The two of them are also huge Red Dwarf fans. They should just lock themselves in for a weekend and get it all out. I don't need to be there. Really. And yes, I know, this Pansycon will find me again at the Hilton drinking little chocolate martinis, hearing the latest catering gossip and being assimillated in yet another equally sinister experience. I don't really like Star Trek, except Deep Space Nine and that's because it was so political.

Somehow I have managed to digress. I was going to blog about CSI and adult entertainment, part of last night's episode's plot. I'll admit it. I am fascinated by the adult entertainment industry. I am taken with the whole valley connection. I know it is a sad and exploited world but still...

I've got a friend. He's a brief. A criminal brief and if you are ever up on murder charges in California, his father would be a man to employ. I knew this guy before his lawyering, even before his law school days. I've slept in his house. I've tried to cook him food, I've talked wine and whiskey with him. I can't tell you his name or link to his website because well I am probably saying all sorts of things about him and his habits that I shouldn't.

Anyway, his wife gives him an allowance each month on how much he can spend on porn. He maintains the dvd is made for porn. He briefly represented an adult entertainment actress. He did a bit of work for a few other people in that 'industry' and one offered to take him to a shoot. The brief mentioned this while at dinner with me and the H one night. His wife (my good friend) said he couldn't go to a shoot on his own. She'd only trust him if he took someone along like me. I immediately offered to go. Alas, like so many legal offers, this one never materialised into an actual event. But I'd still spend the day on a set in a new york minute. Then again, I wanted to ask my dentist if he had perfect teeth. If he always wanted to be a dentist. If he and his dental friends did work on each other at a reduced rate. I am a curious person. I wonder how you shoot an adult entertainment film. How many cameras? What kind of lighting? Are there scripts?

I still wonder. The brief did take me to a lapdancing club. It was an experience.

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