kate and pansy
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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I suppose it is now time to do a bit of reminiscing, it being Wednesday and all. But I seem to blog about Las Vegas all the time. However, I do have to point out yet another reason why it is good to drive to Las Vegas and it isn't the patty melt at Bun Boy (home of the world's largest thermometer). Just on the drive back from Pansycon I, we have a long involved conversation about the pros and cons of ginger ale. Now, I know Mel has no shame. I can still remember that trip to Disneyland with her and Dawn in which they spent hours and hours discussing the various psyche meds they had been on. I am just glad they didn’t have in-depth conversations about vibrators (I don’t know how they missed out on that—though the subject did come out). I stood in the line for Alice in Wonderland and wondered what the families who were more than likely from Kansas or Colorado or Oregon were thinking about these two made Californians and their list of psychiatric problems. I don’t think I would have been happy with the whole Pansy I conversation if I were on a Southwest Aeroplane. Much better to take place in a black SUV stuck in traffic (and we could use a cell phone!).

Great night of TV. CSI, Las Vegas, a little bit of Diarmuid spending far too much money on enamel balls (who would hire that man to design a garden?!?). Even saw a couple of my current favourite music videos and I drank some white wine. The Child wanted me to watch Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron with her but I, selfish parent, don’t do that kind of thing if only because of the Bryan Adams soundtrack.

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