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Monday, May 03, 2004

It's a bank holiday.

So of course it has rained. But never mind. Went on a picnic yesterday. Even though it was overcast and windy. I brought a flash of tea. I felt so English. And I am starting to lose my accent again. I can hear it when I speak, particularly one sentence statements. I think this time it might be permanent. Wanted to take a bottle of wine along for said picnic but I just kept rememebering all the signs up saying £50 fine for public drinking and didn't. As it was, we got told off for playing ball too close to the flower beds and then the H wandering onto the bowling alley to rescue on of the balls that the child had gently sent down the lane. Somehow, she bowled a strike.

It is also time for the World Snooker Championships. I miss David Vine. I think John Virgo talks too much. I also don't get this romance with Alex Higgins. Give me Dennis Taylor any day of the week. Yes, I am a snooker anorak (not merely a mathlete and I was a member of my school's CaML team). Though I don't watch as much snooker as I used to. Sky seems to own the rights to so many tournements these days and boy to their commentators talk too much. Anyway, I was sad to see Matthews Stevens go out in the semis. I love that boy's shirts. I really want one of the shirts with the little red dragons. But my does he have silly hair. Not as silly as Mr. O'Sullivan who just looks like a big girl's blouse with that Alice Band. I suppose it shouldn't surprise anyone that I hope the outsider wins (and I wish I had had a bet on the boy at 200-1).

I always wished I drank these. I don't like tomato juice though. I just like the celery and the adding of tabasco and the worstershire sauce until you get that brick red colour. Great drink. Maybe I should try one and see if my taste buds have matured.

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