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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

It’s cold, it’s grey, and it’s wet. There is no spring. There will be no summer. I know I am not supposed to complain about the rain; it’s good for the turf. But I really would prefer warmer rain. I try to cheer myself up with thoughts of France and California and Nevada. I will be in at least one of these place is about 11 weeks and the weather will be better there.

I have just less than 16 weeks until my high school reunion. Which strangely enough coincides with this year’s Pansycon. I am in two minds about the reunion. I hated high school. I hated the town I grew up in. I can’t believe I am planning on going back and seeing all those people who didn’t understand me then and probably can’t understand me now. I do plan on leaving the H at home with the small child and taking my transatlantic lesbian lover with me. It’s in the name of science. I am wondering how long it will take my mother (who lives in another state and will be preparing to travel to China) to phone and ask about the rumours that I am gay.

Other preparations are being undertaken. I am trying to bleach my teeth. Too much red wine, tea and coffee I am afraid. I was at the dentists this morning. Having a bit of tooth drilled away and spending £75 in two weeks to be told they don’t really know why my teeth hurt and they have tried a couple of things and we will just have to wait and see. I haven’t had any faith in medicine since the broken toe incident. Is it too much to expect actual remedies? Anyway, the dentist was pretty cute. And used gel in his hair, unlike Mel’s boy. Inspired me to get serious again about the diet because of those PVC leather-like trousers in the wardrobe.

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