kate and pansy
think about taking over the world
but instead decide to take another drink
Monday, May 24, 2004

Which, when you live in County Antrim is a big deal. The exam weather is set to continue until Friday. It might also explain why we went wild in Tesco's and the weekend and barbequed up a storm. The grass is settled in enough so that small children can run up and down, move the tent about, get out all the ponies and generally have a good time. I celebrated the good weather with a lounge chair, the weekend papers and a trip to the library. If you are curious, I am still working my way through The Illiad and have been since before Troy came out. I had never read a verse translation before. I am enjoying it. But my, lots of noble Greeks and Trojans are getting gutted left and right.

Having too much food, we invited people over. Do we seem pathetic? People brought plants. The H's mother has been over twice, with more plants. The child's friend's mother brought me mint and something else. The H says he doesn't need any more plants but that is because he wants big expanses of grass.

Drank lots of white wine, mostly sauvingon and some dry riesling. However, white wine is not the way to start a week. I am in the mood for tequila. Not mixed into a cocktail. And I do some nice things with tequila. Some nice martini style drinks that the H likes because they aren't too sweet and girly. But just a nice shot of cuervo gold with the lime and salt. I know its a real gringo way of drinking, that you can get nice aged tequilas that you sip. I don't care. I like the burn. I like the balance with the salt and the sour of the lime juice. I like the theatricalness of shots. Done the body shot thing with Mel (always a crowd pleaser); had enough tequila that my brain has ceased sending signals to my body; drank enough tequila to want to avoid shopping malls with Mexican restaurants in them. The sun is shining, its perfect weather for hangovers. The grass can be laid on in misery. Maybe I should just go home now.

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