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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Well, I am back from a quick trip to London. Went for a training course and it was extremely good. But I am exhausted. Exhausted from having to concentrate for long periods of time yesterday. Exhausted from wandering about London on Monday night. Exhausted from all the traveling (walk to tube, take tube, take train, take plane, take taxi, take another train, walk home because the H wanted to see Diarmuid's last garden programme and wouldn't pick me up at the train station). Exhausted from carrying my bag on all those travel experiences.

It was an exceptionally good trip though. Went with a work colleague and she didn't want to face the commute in during rush hour so made us get an earlier flight over on Monday afternoon. This meant we had the time, energy and inclination to go out and about a bit. I needed to find birthday gifts for Mel and the H so we headed out of the hotel (where I could see this out my window!) and towards Covent Garden. At our first stop we played with the talking George Bush dolls (both father and son) and looked with some disbelief at some of the other action figures available. Wandering further down the streets, we came across Coco de Mer and I thought what a perfect place to find a Mel gift. Which I did. I think my work colleague is still shocked by the whole experience but I told her what it was before we went in. The saleswoman also tried to sell me a wooden paddle with a lovely leather heart attached but I decided no.

Then it was off to neal's yard, particularly the dairy to look at all the cheeses and then the remedies. By then shops were starting to throw us out and lock up. Not before my traveling companion had picked up a che mug in the Tea House. She had more excitement ahead of her. I made her go eat japanese noodles and introduced her to sake before we headed back to the hotel stopping for another glass of wine and another souvenir shop where I found the most amazing gift for Mel. Useful in so many ways. Kind of wish I had got one for myself now.

Next day was training and I was forced to go for a lunchtime walk. Before you know it, I am spotting Wren spires and St. Paul's. Then the big journey back. Could happily go to bed now but I have a briefing paper to write. And try to make sense of all that training. But it was fun.

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