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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Didn't see CSI last night. Also missed Las Vegas, which is less of a problem because the way Sky programs, they will show that episode another three or four times this week. And I am okay about missing CSI. Really. I went to the opera. It was fabulous. Okay, there is a lot of back story here. I didn't grow up in a fine arts, opera loving family. Indeed, more members of the family than I care to contemplate would be devotees of the country western side of music. I didn't grow up near a site of great opera (I grew up near the place that produced Korn, which might explain why that is one band I refuse to take in anyway seriously). And I saw Pavoratti sing back in my undergraduate days (the same weekend I saw The Monkees with all four of the monkees on stage) and I wasn't that impressed.

Now, many would argue that I am just so new labour. My father, the cowboy (really, he rode the horse, did the one room school thing, branded cattle) usually refers to me as a champane socialist because he doesn't get the new labour thing. I like Tony. I really like Gordon. I would trust Gordon with my money any day of the week. Maybe you are thinking I just went to the opera for the whole social side of things but this wouldn't be true. What happened is that several years ago I sat down in front of the TV with a bottle of red wine and decided to try this opera thing with live from the metropolitan and I watched Carmen with Placido Domingo. Had no idea what the story was. I was overwhelmed. It was amazing.

There could be lots more detail here. The productions I have seen and haven't impressed me. The H falling asleep next to me. Etc., etc. So I will admit I didn't have high hopes. It's a Northern Ireland Company, for pete's sake. I don't think this part of the world is known for its operatic talent. I was going because a) it was my birthday present, b) for the whole being in a national trust grounds and c) for the chance to dress up and have a posh picnic[there were patrons there with lobsters!]. The singing though, was very impressive to me the novice opera fan. The grounds were beautiful with no black spot on their roses. The picnic was fun (roasted chicken, and saffron rice and tart aux citroen). It was a late night. But I am not complaining. Not one little bit.

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