kate and pansy
think about taking over the world
but instead decide to take another drink
Monday, June 14, 2004

First, I did have one of those truly amazing hangovers yesterday. The kind Mr.Costello might describing as 'having a personality'. No, it wasn't a bottle of wine, it was a 3 litre box. Not surprisingly, I am going to blame those Whitcrofts again. Though this time, the really evil culprit must be Pete. I am slightly alarmed by the H's habit of making every adult male who walks through the door go into the back and play croquet with him. He rolled the turf even flatter on Saturday morning. But between the croquet and the opera and the wine and the boat race, I am just becoming more and more of a champagne socialist[hmmm, which does put me in the mood to go home and make kir royales and sit out on the patio].

I could go to the election count this morning, but I have too much work to do (notwithstanding any drunken remarks I may have made on Saturday about my work load, that was the drink talking). And I am curious about the election results. I think I may agree with the Guardian columnist. I think the results are too scattered, the electorate too low, to make any kind of judgment on the results.

Bought a pair of shoes for the summer on Saturday. I wish I could link to a picture of them. They are pink scholl's type mules but with this great Puccini type print on the soles and well the buckles are pink suede. Jealous, Mel?

I also took great delight in yesterday's football. I have a bit of a soft spot for Thierry. I don't fancy him but he just has such an engaging smile. And, I like France, damnit. Even if they are cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

Finally, people may be relieved to hear I finally finished The Iliad. I was quite surprised with the ending. It happens with Priam getting Hector's body back. Does this mean I don't get Achilles death scene unless I read the Odyssey? Because I somehow don't think it is in that. Before I go onto my next Homeric epic, I am reading Nancy Mitford, which is another new experience for me. Its great fun and I have decided that henceforth, the small child will always be referred to as the blessing.

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