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Friday, June 04, 2004

Really getting into The Illiad. But that Homer? Quentin Tarantino has nothing on him. Allow me to quote:

No Trojans could save him now, strain as they might--
Ajax son of Telamon charging quickly into the carnage
Speared him at close range through the bronze-cheeked helmet,
the horsehair crest cracked wide open around the point,
smashed by the massive spear and hand that drove it.
His brains burst from the wound in Sprays of blood,
soaking the weapon's socket--
his stregnth dissolved on the spot, his grip loosed
and he dropped the foot of brave Patroclus' corpse.

Blood, blood everywhere.

And for a completely surreal Friday afternoon quizzing experience:

yer this kind of Jack Sparrow that likes to play
with the fire. and it always ends up by burning
yer self.

What kind of a Captain Jack Sparrow are you???
brought to you by Quizilla

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