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Thursday, June 24, 2004

No, not that my life is any less exciting than usual (would that make me dead?) but well, work got a little hectic as we went out to public consultation and had to do a whirlwind tour of the occupied six counties. Somehow, and I didn't know I was supposed to navigate, who in their right mind makes me navigate? I can't even find Carrickfergus if we aren't starting from the abbeycentre, my colleague and I got lost on our way from Belfast to Newry. Which caused quite a delay and a far amount of stress and I still didn't talk to the guy from the probation board. And trust me, the guy wants to talk to me. I am interesting person. Really. With interesting things to say. But hopefully I can avoid the public at least for the next few weeks now.

Summer is over. I am not complaining. I think we had a much better summer than many I have survived. And well, the optimist in me likes to hope that maybe there will be another week of sunshine and half-decent temperatures somewhere in the next two months. I will live it isn't. I have holidays to go on. I am also going to give fake tan a go. Now I did have a bad experience with Coppertone Q.T. when I was a teenager (I also had bad experiences with trying to bleach my hair, blue mascara, and home perms when I was a teenager), but I am told self-tanning has come a long way and well, I won't turn orange. I will keep you updated on the progress.

We have also had the longest day of the year. That was Monday. And not just because I got lost on the way to Newry or that Newry appears to be a town completely devoid of street signs adding a certain frisson of mystery to attempts to navigate even with a map. I am still amazed at how light it is here in the summer. It never really gets truly, inky, black dark here in the summer. I was thinking about that the night I was in the kitchen with Pete. Sure, the sun set around 10:30. Sure the sky darkened. But then around 3 am, it started lightening again. I had experienced this phenomenon before with Pete. But it still amazes me. Of course, it makes trying to get the Blessing to sleep quite difficult. We need those blackout curtains invented for air attacks. But aren't organised enough to do it. I am also suffering a bit of guilt. I can't be bothered to get the Blessing's nursery teacher an end of the year present. Am I the embodiment of evil?

Currently reading Behind the Scenes at the Museum. Enjoying it too. And would anyone like to buy me a new car? I'd like a panda. In guacamole green with an mp3 player.

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