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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Well, I am feeling all cultural today and not necessarily in a let's go watch Tosca, when does the Blessing start ballet lessons sort of way. So, I've been wallowing in nostalgia, finding out where my cultural compass points; you can too! First off, thanks to Crooked Timber you can check out this test. Steely Dan or Elvis Costello? Can anyone pose that question seriously? Then I started to browse through this and remembering which albums I owned, which ones hadn't made the culls of vinyl that happened with various transatlantic moves. {three elvis costello albums but no This Year's Model?!?}And I realized, I don't blog enough about Elvis Costello. How can I not spend the time to talk about LordgodKing Mr.Costello who has never had the good sense to marry me?

I suppose I shouldn't moan about Mr. Third Marriage and will this latest one be happy when it is in fact my wedding anniversary. And the H is taking me out, feeding me Thai food and has bought me a new watch. I still think I showed remarkable good sense in marrying this one (because I have called off weddings before, 8 days before, and I wasn't always sure I wanted that band of gold/platinum or piece of paper that much). It was an enjoyable wedding. Silly over the top church, wedding cake baked by LSE Academic, reception at a deconsecrated church. And what has followed hasn't been too bad either.

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