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Friday, July 09, 2004

No, not the vegas trip (more on that in a moment). Tomorrow the H and the Blessing and I will pack up (after doing laundry, cleaning the house and visiting the library) and start our journey. We have a 7 am flight out of Dublin so rather than leave the house at 3 am, we are going down the night before and staying in a hotel near the airport. I am curious as to how busy Dublin airport will be at 6 in the morning on a Sunday. I am sure I won't be pleased. Then it is off to Carcassonne. No longer as freaked about the whole thing as I was last week but I am not quite there yet, am I? Anyway, it will be very quiet in this little corner of the blogosphere for the next two weeks.

Had my anniversary dinner last night at Thai Tanic. Who can resist a name like that in a city like Belfast? I would happily go again as would the H even if they didn't have bbqed chicken on the menu.

And after the lovely stress dream I had about my high school reunion that involved both high school athletes getting all the attention and very thin very blond popular girls I have decided I don't need to go to my reunion. Which means I don't have to worry about flying stand-bye or getting back in time to watch the Blessing in her school uniform go off to big school (I will cry. I know this. And mope.) I think I will head to California around September 9th. So get out that aerobed! and be prepared to take me to Target, Baja Fresh, oh and you might want to stock up on some wine.

One thing I am looking for is a laptop that I can beg, borrow, steal or even rent for a week in LA. This way I can blog as I travel. Is it possible to rent laptops for a week?

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