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Thursday, July 15, 2004

But I am. Just at the end of the street. And on all the roads leading into the village. And even in the middle of the village. This is when I regret never learning how to use the digital camera or even now know where either digital camera is. Otherwise there would be pictures of the vines, the lovely old church today, and of course, the graveyeard. Gives you a good sense of who was the important family in town 100 odd years ago.

Not doing much. Not going many places. Seen Carcassonne from the road. Visited Narbonne but too late to stop by the covered market and buy olives. Just taking naps, swimming in the pool (we've invented the great game of pool boules), eating olives and lovely chicken and bread and pate. Would you like me to mention the wine. Under five euros for a five litre container. Though the choice in this house is only red or rose. Made mexican one night and some great margaritas. If I can find cranberry juice, there will be cosmopolitans. And we do plan on visiting the sparkling wine area (oldest sparkling wine around) soon so there will be more kir royales. I would post links but I am on a dial-up connection (oh the pain, it burns!). And at a later point when it has all panned out I may just start to blog about all the excitement my family can provide. The drama, the tears, the bad parenting. Ah, next time. Au revoir, mes enfants!

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Hello, I want to meet some other local people who, like me, are interested in wine & particularly south african red wine. I've found this site (south african red wine). Are there any other ways of meeting similar people?
Many thanks
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