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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

First, I see that the whole dashboard panel has changed. I am a little frightened by all the new buttons but I am willing to be patient.

Second, we still don't have roads to the house. But my do we have weeds! I am so looking forward to the builders asking for another £100 for the management of the common grounds in a few months time. Especially as they only have managed to mow the lawn in the show house once in the past year. My garden, on the other hand, is a riot of flowers. The cornflowers have decided to appear, the wild rose that I thought I killed is about to burst into lots and lots of little roses, and the cammomile is trying to take over the herb garden. It all looks quite lush.

Third, I still have so much laundry to do. I can't find all the things I need. I think my child may still have lice. And there is no sunshine.  I suppose I need to realise that I am not on holiday in more. We do not drive on the left side of the road, shout 'bon jour' or get to drink a litre of red wine with dinner.

I will not bore people with my countless stories of sleeping by the pool, going to the plage, wandering around the markets, trying to deal with my family. Rest assure that if the family does carry out any of their more madcap schemes I will keep you abreast. But if you want to know the full extent of the stresses, strains, highlights, low points and my general musings on sisters in families (three generations to draw on!), you can buy me a drink. Maybe a beer. I haven't had  a beer in a long time.

We did manage to see the Tour De France, mainly because the H is a big fan. We trundled out with our chairs and sun block and bits of pain and some water to join all the picnicking french who were there to cheer on various riders during stage quatrose. The H thought it was just like the 12th when families gathered to picnic and watch on the Lisburn Road. Somehow I don't think so. Can't say I spotted Lance. There were helicopters (like Belfast in the bad days) and then news cars and cars with bikes, and journalists on motorcycles and then cops on motorcycles and then a great big group of cyclists. I was hoping for at least a small break away group leading the whole big pack, but no. And then I got told off for not being able to recognise US Postal's team jerseys. If I ever do it again, I am taking a bigger picnic.

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