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Thursday, August 26, 2004

I need to apologise to my friend Dawn here at the very beginning. I am sure she will be dismayed by my peverse reading habits and well, I have no defense except I have perverse reading habits.

I don't blog about my work much. Mainly because my work isn't that exciting and well, I don't know how I would feel about blogging about the casual interactions in my life. Strange that I have no qualms whatsoever about blogging about relatives. But we can just chalk that up to peversions. I have, however, had a major epiphany in regards to work this week. First, you may need some background.

No matter where I have worked, there has always been an anti-kathy. Indeed, I first met Dawn through our shared love of Elvis Costello and our shared antipathy towards the anti-kathy when we all worked a children's clothing store. I went elsewhere, found other anti-kathy's. Strangely enough, I met Pansy also through a shared workhell experience but she never had the same loathing for the anti-kathies that I did. Indeed, if we for a moment entertained the idea that the anti-kathy could be male, she positively liked the person who I would have thought was the first anti-kathy (there were several, and a few potential ax-murderers and let's not even start with the guy who dressed his guinnea pigs up like Mexican wrestlers) at the big V. I don't hold this lapse in judgement against her. And she doesn't even like Elvis Costello. I've left boys for that.

Well, it took over a year for the anti-kathy to manifest itself in the current workplace. But she is here. And she is fearsome.

Now it is the shameful confession time. Several years ago, while in California for a month I picked up a big weighty novel that I had heard of at someone's house. Being pregnant and often bored, I read it. It was http://www.atlasshrugged.tv/. I enjoyed it. It was so over the top and ridiculous. Didn't believe that kindness was a vice. But I was entertained. So, I recently bought The Fountainhead from Amazon because it was on sale. It's great. I'd buy it again if only for the sex scenes. I am having such a fun time! Then it hit me. The anti-kathy is a classic ayn rand villain. Really. Honestly. Idealistic. Wanting to make the world a better place. Worrying about the downtrodden and those that are marginalised. Look, even the pacificst vegetarians of this office think that perhaps the anti-kathy doesn't live in the real world and this is why she is so unhappy. So I am now casting office politics in randian terms. I am of course Howard Roark and tomorrow will dye my hair red in an attempt to more clearly emulate my hero. The Anti-kathy is Paul Keating because she isn't clever and fiendish enough to be Ellsworth Toohey. I think Toohey actually saw the future and ran off to South Africa. But is not, as far as I know, involved in any coup attempts.

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