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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

What I don't know is if I have unfailing good taste in television (which is probably doubtful) or I am just such a Guardian reader that I no longer have any independent thought (I guess even asking this question means that Emily would never speak to me. But I am okay with that because I don't find the co-poster nearly as compelling as Emily). Anyway, Saturday's Guardian's listing section (TV) had on its front-cover Xzhibit. In side was a story about how they tried to get the man to 'pimp' a mini. I would love to link to the story but I seem completely unable to find it on The Guardian site. Why am I tell ing you? Look at that first sentence. Is The Guardian finally recognising the genius that is Pimp My Ride? The best thing of television as CSI is in hiatus. Not simply entertainment but also a useful exploration of the wetern conceit that you can always reinvent yourself. Or am I just a Guardian dittohead? And which is the scarier scenario? I am on a quest to get everyone in the office to watch it. Everyone with a skybox that is.

Oh, and I am thinking of renaming the blog. Courtesy of our receptionist who has a really surreal grasp of the Spanish languange.

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