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Monday, August 02, 2004

Everyone will be pleased by the return of the cocktail of the week. I know it isn't the first Saturday in May and I am not in Kentucky but the herb garden is just so lush at the moment. And mine is the house of whiskey (I think we have five different bottles in the house) so when the wine ran out on Saturday (because I am not sharing the new french bottles with anyone else) and well I had no cranberry juice for cosmos, juleps seemed like a natural choice.

The H spent a bit of the weekend complaining about music but he also suggested that as I have decided I can't be bothered to make it to my 20th high school reunion, that it could very likely be time to stage a 9 year (or is it 10?) reunion of the University Challenge team and we should go and find us a nice pub quiz to terrorise. Now I can see some problems with this idea. One of the members lives on the continent. One of the members has left the dominant (in quiz terms) political party. The Four in Hand no longer exists and no longer does quizes. But I can also see the attractions. Ah, the days of quiz supremacy. Anyone interested?

So yeah, the H was complaining about a particular song. He absolutely loaths Dry Your Eyes. I suppose I am indifferent to the whole matter. That does not mean that I only listen to Lordgodking Elvis and Saint Coltrane with the occasional Frank for work in the kitchen. I have other tastes. I am much better informed about Pharrel Williams than my Big Brother watching sister-in-law who was traumatized not just by the contestant in BB self-gratifying himself last week (he's a man. He's been in the house for 9 weeks. should this shock anybody? disclaimer: Saturday night was the first episode of BB I have ever watched and it was only because she asked) but also by the NERD video for Lapdance. I think she has a rather naive view of men. But I am quite surprised to find out that I am better informed on pop culture matters than the sister-in-law who also tried to convince me that clothes need details like buttons, bows and ribbons. I suppose that is what I do like about getting older. I know I don't need any bows. And I am quite content in that knowledge. I still think turning 40 is going to hurt. Now that hurt could be cushioned by say a new car (if the H is reading this).

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