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Monday, August 16, 2004

How could I resist?

  1. Most of us go by pseudonyms on the internet to avoid rabid ex-lovers, identity thieves, and dirtbags that have nothing better to do. These names have special meaning to each person and often tell a bit about that person. If you use a pseudonym, list it and explain why you chose that particular name. If you don’t, well, just tell us your name.

Kate. Oh the reasons. I maintain I am not Kate (there is some disagreement around this). Kate is an alter-ego. Who can do magic and does birthings. She is also what Pansy (also a pseudonym) calls me and whenever I hear that voice shouting Kate (particularly in the vicinity of a bar) I get a nice warm feeling. Also, Kate is a character, in a never-ending story. That managed to include Elvis Costello in the first chapter. And has the perfect role for Johnny Depp (he would have to dye his hair).
2. Are you single?

3. If yes, do you believe in marriage as an institution?

When I got married, I didn't take the H's name. My mother was deeply disappointed in me (see question 5). But all I could think was how can I betray the feminist sisterhood. I didn't.

4. Do you have any children?

A daughter, the blessing.

5. Was your mother a feminist?

No. She is a sweetie. But not a feminist (ask me about the money conversation before I got married). My father, however, I think very well could be.

6. Reach back into your brain and remember what made you a feminist in the first place. Tell us the story, and let us know if those things still weigh heavily in your decision to continue being a feminist.

I think I always was. I remember arguing against the registration for the draft (look I show my age) because I thought it was terribly unfair that boys were being made to register, but I wasn't. Didn't the US Military realise what they were passing up by not having me?!? Then at 22 I read The Second Sex. It articulated all those thoughts swirling around in my mind. And thoughts I hadn't yet had.

7. What would you call your ‘personal style’? Do you like makeup/hate makeup? Jeans and t-shirts or flares and babydolls? Do you own any high heels? Give us an indication of the types of things you like to wear and the image that you portray that makes you the most comfortable.
High heels equals death. I am the clumsiest person in the world. I buy make-up and then have no idea what to do with it. I love make-up and am a sucker for packaging. But I dress 'cas' and classic. I have cashmere cardigans and ox-blood penny loafers. I am also spending my life searching for the perfect Hawaiin print shirt. And I would be lost without a pair of converse high-tops in the closet at all times.

8. Are you a crazy cat lady?

Now that I have Lucky, I feel I've joined the club. All my friends have cats. Princess Tigerlilly, Fenway, Zuma. And let's not forget the cats who have gone on, Smokey, Mike Ditka.

9. What do you think of men in this crazy world? Are they the problem or the solution? Are they all guilty by association, or is it a social ill that we all have to face?

Years I worried about the what about men. Cos as much as I like lesbianism as a political statement, I lust after men. This body is wired for them. And well, I think my father is a feminist role model (he pushed for that on-site child care centre). Men, can't live with them, can't shoot them. Besides the H is a good cook, cleans regularly and is the primary care-giver of the Blessing.

10. Who do you think is more dangerous to feminism: Women who portray feminism as dirty and unfeminine, or men who wish to control their wives through monetary and other means? Or do you have another theory all together?

Men, definitely. We have to allow women to find there own ways.

11. What is your political affiliation?

Registered democrat. Candidate (on more than one occasion) for the Alliance Party, Northern Ireland. I have also been known to dream about Gordon Brown.

12. What is the last book that you read?

Currently reading Midnight's Children. Just finished re-reading The Handmaid's Tale which I gave to the H for his birthday.

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