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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

So, Kate & PansyCon 2004 has come and gone. We are putting away the glitter and the gladrags, restarting the diets, swearing off drink for a while [embarking on strange new relationships--well, some of us]. Was it worth it? A bus journey? a mis-directed long walk with luggage? a night in a bad hotel? two hours on the Dublin tarmac? a missed LA connection? Sleeping in an open plan house with a small dog who took great delight in barking at me? incessently? Missed freeway exits and four hours to Las Vegas? New and exciting debt on a new credit card? Was it worth it? Don't ask silly questions.

Due to the unforseen sinus infection many of the proposed outings never occurred. Didn't make it to Lotus of Siam. Never had a champage flight in Napoleans. Bought tickets but did not attend Thunder from Downunder . Probably fortuneately, didn't get the chance to even look through the windows at Tiffany's. I did get my truly individualistic luggage (which I am quietly confident no one else in Northern Ireland has) and a pair of oxblood penny loafers, so I am a happy bunny and I have the slippers to prove it!

Things I learned:

1) Never spend the night in Primm. What was I thinking? I mean for thirty bucks a night it was a perfectly workable hotel room despite the cottage cheese ceiling and the vinal shower curtain. But the waitress didn't want to get us alcoholic drinks ('I would have to go to the bar'). They were out of martini classes, had bad gin, tight slots, no working rollercoaster or log ride and well, we are a bit worried about the poor just arrived from Europe busser who seemed like a very nice girl but may be destined for the sex trade. Help us find a new better future for Marta.

2)Matthew Perry, I feel your pain. Can I tell you just how wonderful vicodin is? Bless Mel's mom who sent a small bag of it, amongst all the halloween candy, for any hangovers that might have developed. Back when I was writhing on the bed in misery thinking that my teeth needed to all be pulled out, it was what stopped me from going to the emergency room. It does just seem to make life just a little nicer.

3) THEhotel is the nicest hotel I have stayed in. I think. It had more tvs than the hotel I stayed in the first night I was married. And it was cheaper. Though it didn't come with breakfast. beautiful soft, down covered beds with lovely sheets. Great products in the bathroom. Bathrobe and slippers. Staff so friendly it scared me. I am also quite, quite taken with 55 degrees. And I haven't told anyone yet about the joys of the bathouse. The really big hot pool, the wet lounge and the tepid rain area.

4)Adult entertainment is not cheap. Look, you want the full story with all the details and a time frame of just when Mel decided to create an IE profile and how quickly she got a response, I most definitely need to be bought a drink. A great big designer drink. Quite possibly with grey goose in it. Then if you want even the hint of updates. More grey goose will need to be forthcoming. That is just the way it is. Somehow, one way or another, I found myself in what calls itself 'Adult Superstore' pricing dvds. $49.50. Which I find a bit surprising. I wonder who gets to keep the profits. But that could be another post entirely.

5) Yes, I missed the blessing. And she missed me. Which always amazes me because I think she is a bit like the cat, she much prefers the man in the house. But she was happy to have me back. Bearing gifts like rio beads and scooby-doo sneakers. I am deeply envious of her new haircut too.

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