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Friday, September 10, 2004

No, really I do. I don't mind the flying bit. I am not scared of the plane falling out of the sky (well except for that trip to Las Vegas) but I really hate the whole experience of it. It brings out all sorts of very odd behaviours. My digestive system ties itself into knots, literally. i start checking and checking and checking again where are the passports, the money, the address book, etc. But it is all okay now. I am here. And I don't have to do it again for another 12 days.

I am on a foreign computer and well, there won't be any links. Which is a shame because I have so much I could link to . To begin with, I found this great bus service to get me to Dublin airport, Aircoach. They leave every hour and start at 6:30 am. Which if I had known before Wednesday afternoon, I wouldnt have gone down the night before and stayed in the Travelodge. Which I now know where it is, despite the bus dirver who sent me off, with my bags in the completely wrong direction. No idea why. next time I am just getting a taxi.

No first class for me. And two hours spent on the runway while they had to repair the air conditioning/pressure pack before we could take off. Too much of a head wind to make up any of the time. No surprise I missed my first connection to LAX. I also sat next to a plane spotter. I figure it was a good thing he was a white 50 something guy otherwise I would have thought peering out the window with binoculors, taking photos, writing down numbers and looking up info in his little Aviation book might be suspicious behaviour on an American carrier these days. But hey, some of my hobbies and interests aren't the most mainstream so who am I to complain?

The Delta employees in Atlanta were lovely. Which is remarkable. They have reduced me to tears the last two times I have flown through. Got a later flight to LAX. It was, of course, also delayed by a half hour. So I did a good 25-26 hours awake and here I am blogging for my loyal readership. Don't you suffer the urge to buy me a drink. Some kind of vodka martini. In the Coral Reef Bar. I'll be there Tuesday night. And if I win big on video poker, I am not going back! [No spellcheck, so this post is probably going to need even more editing than usual].

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