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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The blessing is losing hers. Two out this week. I don't know when they will grow back. My, but they are small little things. How can anyone eat with those? Anyway, the teeth thing has been a good experience, really.

Lots of people look at the Blessing and say how much she looks like the H's sister. Who, though a beautiful girl (though not an actual blonde) did not get pregnant, give birth or raise the blessing. I don't think she therefore deserves to have a child look like her. However, on Saturday the Blessing ran into our bedroom so excited that the tooth fairy had come and left a pound. We asked her what she was going to do with her new-found wealth and she replied, "I'll put in my money box."

Yep. She's my child.

This might also explain last night's dream. No Justin Timberlake. Just my teeth rotting and falling out while I was trying to make it some theatre matinee in London.

Maybe I'd be less stressed if someone bought me a drink.

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