kate and pansy
think about taking over the world
but instead decide to take another drink
Monday, October 11, 2004

Anyone who would like to hazard an analysis of this dream(s) can go ahead. I am still just a bit too spooked about it.

I blame Mel.* Because the dream started off with her and I roadtripping through Italy. Driving down little backroads when suddenly she announces we are going to drive through the middle of Rome (the traffic was surprisingly light) and then she stops at a little municipal jail that we had been to before. All because JC Chasen was stopping by. It transpired that we had met JC at the jail previously after he had spent a night in custody for being drunk and disorderly (I am unsure if we too had spent a night behind bars). Then Casparian wanted to go have dinner with him even though we had just eaten a fine Italian lunch a mere hour before! I was unhappy. And got dragged off to a three screen cinema with the two cooing at each other.

The dream then seques into another place and time. No Mel but I am getting tickets for a strip show on Christmas Eve for three of the members of Nsync while waiting for JC to show up. I believe I was trying to engineer a reunion to make JC happy. When who should appear, unexpectedly and needing yet another ticket (and the tickets were only sold in blocks of two for $1000 for the two, where I thought that money was coming from, I have no idea but obviously my subconscious expects me to come into some cash suddenly) but of course, that man who scares me, Justin Timberlake! I know my fear of Justin is completely irrational. I accept that. I am even willing to say that he could be a perfectly nice man. But in my dream he was an unrepentant sleezeball who was just going out of his way to really annoy JC.

Alas, I think I am going to be haunted by this dream for a long, long time.

*I am also blaming Pharrel Williams and Snoop. Because I think it was the video to Beautiful that set off the whole JC riff in my head,

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