kate and pansy
think about taking over the world
but instead decide to take another drink
Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I quite like the sound of the Welsh group. And we did have tickets. We had seen CHippendales (but not paid for the tix!) and we had bought our Thunder tickets so we could compare and critique. No, really. But the sinuses kicked in and I had to go upstairs and lay down. Vegas had to go on-line and meet 'yer man on the phone.' I am still aghast at the guy with the nude photos of himself at lavalife.

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Just like the state of nature, nasty, brutish and short...I was always fond of the nickname 'Craxi'...Sometimes I cook, sometimes I tend bar, sometimes I even knit. Mostly I try not to read the plethora of government publications that cross my desk and write one page summaries.
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