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Monday, October 25, 2004

I am sure I have told you all about my geekness and here is even more proof. Of course, it comes from those fab people over at crooked timber that inform my days so much. And well, it means I am thinking of having a small evening soiree. That will go into the early morning. I am thinking.

I keep expecting someone to phone up and ask me to an election party. Because not only am I a geek, I know lots of other geeks too. I have arranged to take the Wednesday off. And well, I have a house with a few empty beds and more television channels than you can shake a stick at. So yes, you looking for a place to watch the BBC, CNN, Fox News and Al-Jeezera while perhaps drinking a bud (no Coors allowed) or having a margarita while munching on nibbles and getting into electoral minutiae, drop me a line. Yes, I know I live in the middle of county antrim but I do have an empty queen-sized bed, a queen-sized futon, a very comfortable sofa so I figure I can keep five adults easily if they don't mind sharing beds. I also have a great shower (well, two and a really big bathtub) and I promise to buy coffee at the next big grocery shop. No, we will not be hitting the wine rack (I hope to blog this week about the wine rack and the things it does to me). No, we will not be touching my absolut. I suppose we could finish the laphroig but then don't be surprised if I cry over the empty bottle.

Of course the Blessing had her party last night. It wasn't cheap but it could have been some of the best money I have spent. 12 children effortlessly taken care of. She had a great time. Got to be the centre of attention. Got to have presents. Got to tell people what to do. She sat in the middle and held court. Got kissed by boys. I can easily see her in 20 years time. With no changes in behavior. None whatsoever. I was also the bad mother on saturday but I should go and do something now.

Remember, you want directions, email me.

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