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Friday, November 26, 2004

So yesterday was Thanksgiving. And in keeping with those American yearnings, I roasted a turkey, and did those sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and made pumpkin soup. The Blessing, gowing up a pagan, claims she doesn't like pumpkin. Doesn't like pumpkin pie. She had a cheese sandwich while objecting to the fresh corriander sprinkled over the soup. I do hope at some point she decides to taste more food. I can't convince her to try strawberries!

So of course the evening ends up with a group of adults drinking port and whiskey and watching old music videos. The day before at work had lead to a discussion on what our top ten favorite tunes are. At first it was quite difficult. My problem now that I have thought about it is that I can't get it down to 10. I was also told my list was very American. I like to think it is interesting and eclectic even if I resisted the urge to add Coltrane's Favorite Things from the Newport Jazz recordings. And well, as you may have a slight curosity as to what is on it, here it is. And well, number one should come as no surprise.

1. Elvis Costello -- Lipstick Vogue
2. X -- Los Angeles
3. Gershwin -- Rhapsody in Blue
4. Frank Sinatra -- One More for the Road
5. Bruce Springsteen -- Born to Run
6. Lucinda Williams -- Changed the Locks
7. The Police -- Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
8. Christina Aguillerra -- Dirrrty
9. Fishbone -- Party at Ground Zero
10. The Clash – London’s Calling
11. Tom Waits – Step Right Up

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