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Monday, November 01, 2004

I expect that he will be asleep. I hope he will be asleep. And I don't think he uses his computer to listen to the radio anyway. But he really might have a heart attack if he heard me tomorrow morning. On Good Morning Ulster. Talking about who I am voting for. Not that it should come to any surprise. To anyone. I did once vote for a Republican. He was pro-choice. It was for US Senate. I am still okay with that vote. Otherwise, it has always been straight party line. Yet my father keeps sending me emails detailing the dangers of John Kerry. I can see someone not voting for Kerry. I can see someone not liking Kerry. But I have a harder time coming to terms with the 'Kerry is the most dangerous man in the US' school of thought. Just as well we didn't put that bumber sticker on the car then, isn't it?

I also think its odd that at this age in my life I am still hiding things from my family. Sure, it made sense when I was young and it was all about boys and alcohol. Let alone the evils of marijuana. But now? About politics?

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