kate and pansy
think about taking over the world
but instead decide to take another drink
Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I am sure that shocks no one. A great big bag. Normally, I just ignore it. I know if I was 14 again, I do a whole lot of things different. But then again, I am pretty happy with life as it is now, so my choices haven't been too screwed up. It will also shock no one to hear me refer to myself as a feminist. I would go so far and say I am actually one of those great big scary boot-wearing feminist who really does thing that women belong in the army, carrying guns and if needs be, stomping all over prisoners' human rights. Look if men can misbehave, who really thinks women are going to be morally superior? Anyway, this may then come as a surprise that one of my biggest regrets is not going to a single sex university. No, I am serious. If I was 18 again, I would not choose UCLA. I'd go to Mills. Because, for better or worse, I regard myself as a failure. I have in no way and do not every day of my life, tap into my intellectual potentail. Not one little big. I have fun. I drink too much. I read a lot of books. Sometimes I can be moved to write. But really, I do nothing. And maybe I am just deluding myself. Like I was over that potentila Kerry win. But I do think that if instead of reading the paper and sleeping in my 150+ Upper level political theory classes at UCLA, I had gone to a small school and been challenged and pushed and well kept tabs on, I was have done grad school sooner, more methodically and well, I'd still be blogging but I probably wouldn't play nearly so much Age of Mythology. And guess what? I have a daughter. I have no concerns about sending her to a single sex school. .
If the H has a hope of the Blessing following in his ion scattering footsteps, he needs to listen to the boot wearer in this relationship.

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