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Monday, November 22, 2004

So yeah it snowed last week. And weirdly (because I live on the coast) it appeared to snow more where I live than it did in Belfast. Where there was no snow! No points frozen on the train tracks. No late trains. But out where I was at 7:35, I got to wait on a cold platform for a late train, that kept stopping and had no heating. Still, as I walked to the platform, in the dark, I noticed that in the snow, everyone else was much friendlier, saying 'good morning' and all the rest and this had me thinking about the civilising effect of snow. Because it sure civilised Whitehead. Could this be an explanation for the generally benign and happy lives of the Scandanvian? The lifestyle of Canadians? Perhaps my worship of the sun just leads to civil unrest and crime. I don't know.

I also went up the coast for the weekend. And was shocked, shocked! to see people out surfing. I am sorry but the North Coast of Ireland in late November just doesn't strike me as a surfer's paradise. You could lose a finger to frostbite! Despite earlier offers, had to take the blessing to the cinema. Saw The Incredibles. Which I quite enjoyed. Of course, it made me want a vodka martini. And play more Sims. The decor owed a lot to the Sims. I recognised that bookcase. I am currently simless because well, I lent my sims to a friend and then the computer keeps deciding to exist in its own universe and will stop letting me play with my later expansion packs and demand the original sims and well, i don't have it at home. And well, there is more to the story, which somehow involved my brother but in a nutshell means I am simless and sad.

I try to distract myself with other games. Mostly Age of Mythology. I like to play the followers of Thor and am quite fond of Fire giants. I am sure as a girl I am not supposed to like these things. My protege has lent me her copy of Typing of the Dead. Which I think is a bit scary but the Blessing is quite taken with it and wants to play it tonight. I do think she may be too young for zombie fighting.

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