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Thursday, November 04, 2004

No depression here. No, really. I am feeling pretty good. Except that I lost money to a co-worker. I hadn't thought it was possible that Kerry would win for months and months. Then I got sucked into the hope about two weeks ago (I blame Brad DeLong. Never trust a Berkeley academic). Thought the early returns looked good. Was so excited it took so long to call Virginia. Never expected Dubya to do so well in Florida. Not for a moment. But really, think about it. It's a good election to lose. There are lots of problems and now the Republicans have to deal with them. They have to make the hard choices. And well, nothing the President has done so far fills me with confidence that he can govern competently for the next four years. And if the American people want to pursue a conservative agenda who am I to stop them? Of course, I do have the luxury of living out of the country. And read that Guardian piece. Do you remember the UK 1992 election? I do. I couldn't believe that Labour didn't win. But guess what? They won later. They won big. And I can't picture a conservative victory now. The tories are still in the deep dark wilderness. Take hope from that all my liberal-type friends. Hope that the Republicans will go too far and implode. I look forward to the 2006 mid-term elections and a lame duck president with a huge deficit. And face it, if the party can't make their case to the voters, they don't deserve to be elected.

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