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Monday, November 15, 2004

I am going to try and be better. And go on today and clean up my broken html link so that words once again reappear. No, I still have no idea what I am doing with html. But I think the blogging god is telling me to stop doing Friday quizzes. And who am I too refuse?

I'm having a bad Monday morning. Need to write two papers in the next two days and am struggling against bad customer services. I plan on eventually appealing to the ombudsman in NI to deal with what I fully expect to be a problem with my rates (all concerning the fact that I didn't have a road until November 5th, no I really didn't. I still don't have street lights. Lovely orange things sticking up from the ground that I think will grow into street lights, but none yet.) More annoyingly, I have been trying to sort a problem with a broken dvd player with Argos for the last three months. They now have the dvd player. They have had it for a month now, but they seem incapable of sending me a refund cheque and I am not quite sure what I can do to force them to live up to their legal responsibilities. I am not linking to them because at the moment my message is DO NOT SHOP AT ARGOS. DO NOT SHOP AT ARGOS. Maybe someday they will give me some money, but I think three months is quite poor customer service.Of course these people have I think quite a strong case against however did their survey. I think that could quite spoil the joys of home ownership.

And if you are interested, the Blessing is fine and has discovered the delights of Ben and Jerry's. Which works surprisingly well at getting her to tidy up her toys.

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