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Friday, December 03, 2004

Because when I finish my top ten movie list, I am posting my Christmas list. Number two of the list, if you haven't guessed already, is Yojimbo. It's my only foreign film! I saw Rashomon when I was 20 and was completely and totally blown away. Even now thinking about it, it reminds of a history prof. I had who maintained all young people needed to go to Europe because it was only when you are young that you had the egotism to think that as you strolled along the Seine and stopped for a glass of wine that you and you alone were finally getting the key to civilisation and old culture. And for years I can say that was my relationship with Rashomon. I thought the whole what is the truth, different narratives, the re-telling of the story again and again (this was before I fell in love with Faulkner or indeed Morrison's Beloved*), I was struck by the genius and for years that film was in the Kate top three. Then I watched it again in my late 20's and I wasn't as caught up. Yojimbo is different. Didn't see it until later. Always loved the story (indeed we are going to see it again at film number three). It was Dashell Hammett! He's a fellow traveller! Its all about the evils of communism! But forget the story for a moment, its all about the visuals too! From the moment the dog wanders across screen with the hand in its mouth, to watching Mifune using every visual trick I would usually associate with Clint Eastwood, it is a wonder. I bow down to Kurosawa who takes all the things I know and am familiar with in the western canon and puts them in an Asian context. Who bewilders and amazes me. Who constantly stretches my understanding of the narrative. And who does it with great visual flair (oh, the beautiful war scenes in Ran!)
*you think I will blog about movies and yet books and authors just keep popping up! I can never decide which medium I love more, film or book. Don't make me choose!

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