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Monday, December 06, 2004

But I do wonder am I sometimes perverse just for the sake of being perverse or am I genuinely perverse? And by that I don't mean taking part in minority sexual practices. Its more the 'Kathy always marched to the sound of her own drum' comments of my mother (who really did say that at one point). Take for instance, number three on the list. I don't know anyone else who would call this film their favorite of the Coen Brothers. Now I love the Coen Brothers. I have ever since watching Blood Simple on video my first summer of college while working on a jigsaw (not recommended as there were a few twists to the plot). I adored Raising Arizona (but Mr. Cage will appear elsewhere on the list). I even saw the Hudsucker Proxy in the cinema. And no its not Fargo, that would be too easy. Following on from Yojimbo, my third favorite film is Miller's Crossing. I don't know what it says about me that I have two films of the same story in my top five. Maybe its a good story? But back to the film! I love it from the opening with the hat being blown across the leaf-strewn forest. I love John Turturro who is just so slimey in the whole film. I love the cops. I love the guns blazing danny boy scene. I love this movie. It is so perfect. Particularly on the big screen. And it is one more for the noir column of my life.

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