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Thursday, December 02, 2004

I've been inspired by the latest Channel 4 show that listed the top 100 films in UK based on bums on seats. The shows themselves lead to the inevitable discussion between the H and I on what we may have missed. I can't believe he hasn't seen "The Sound of Music" but then I haven't seen "One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" though I can remember my parents comign back from the cinema after seeing it. Anyway, I've been thinking about my top 10 films and well, I've got a list and I know I should start at 10 and work up but well, I figure the stuff I have to say about number one relates to other films and well, I can't figure out how I would write up, so to say so we are going to have to start at the top. Strangely enough it is Chinatown. I am not a huge Jack Nicholson fan. But I did, in my early 20's go through a big Polanski phase. I thought the way his pictures looked with the colours was simply amazing. And well, Faye Dunaway wears such hats! I also used to think that when I grew up I might have that kind of all together look that Faye has. I used to watch my mother shop while she tried to find a top to match trousers and then jewelry that went the outfit and I'd think someday when I am a grown up I will have my bag match my shoes. No more navy with black for me. It hasn't happened. And I don't think I am going to get much more grown-up. I pay my mortgage. I worry about the Blessing's education. I shout about people leave clothes all over the floor. I am a respectable cat owner. What more is there to the grown-up thing?

Anyway, this film puts down the structure for so much of what I like in life. The use of light and the whole Noir in the daytime (if my top ten list was longer it might include LA Confidential if only so I could talk a bit about Ellroy and Delillo). The alternative history to LA. Something I had never even thought about this before the film and always then leads me onto City of Quartz but which is one of those books that is seared in my mind. And well that great Robert Townsend script. And have I mentioned Faye Dunaway? The Hats? LA? Noir?

Tune in tomorrow for number two which I would maintain keeps up the noir theme despite being japanese and well western and well japanese and well western and...

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