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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Which is a bit of a tragedy because today we finally reach an out and out romance in the film list (yes, I am female. no, I don't get the austen thing). Still, in keeping with the previous entries, it should come as no surprise that I love it because of its dialogue and its style. Indeed, I'd argue it is one of those movies that has ruined me. Much as in my ideal life I am an egyptologist by day and adventurer by night who has a big country house in the home counties with Hugh Grant as a neighbor on one side and George Clooney on the others (I think the would make entertaining neighbors, alright! I have visions of Hugh dropping by to borrow a cup of sugar) and am quite handy with an epee, I am also ideally, Katherine Hepburn having to choose between Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. Now, I love Jimmy. I went trick or treating in Beverly Hills when I was 21 because someone at my university told me that when they went trick or treating the following year they had knocked on the door of Mr. Stewart's house and he had invited them all in for hot cocoa. I did not find Mr. Stewart's house. I did get a serious haul of candy. And also watched the scariest film I have ever seen. But we can talk about that later when the director shows up on the list. So, I want someone to call me yaw.

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