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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Because I almost did film number 6 yesterday and thought, only for a moment mind you, that I would link it to a story in the local papers about two lads in a suicide pact. But I won't. Though a whole bunch of images flashed through my mind in hearing of the story all because of this film. I saw a good four or five times in the cinema when it first came out. Which is not something I have ever done before or since. I loved the set design. There is the chest of drawers in Winona Ryder's room and the handles are all punctuation marks. As always I love the dialougue and can quote great big chunks of the film. "oh, the humanity", "I don't patronise bunny rabbits", "static killed the dinosaurs". Yes it is a comedy. A teen comedy. But it is a dark satire with far too many good looking people with perfect lives. Not my high school experience. Though I might sympathise with the whole idea of blowing up the high school. I suppose I shouldn't say that post-columbine. And well it was my favorite revenge of the high school nerd (cos that's what nerds do, they grow up and write satires in which horrible things happen to the stars of the football teams) until Joss Whedon came along and wrote the show I will go to my grave wishing I could have written for with satire, more biting and more over the edge and even more successful. Makes my geeky little heart warm with pride, it does.

And the wall is painted. It looks great. Need new curtains now (the black ones no longer work in the room). There was also a wedding last week (with far too much drink taken and not enough water) and then a conference, which I did not enjoy and well I had a couple of job interviews for internal positions. They went well. That's all I am saying. That and I am now planning on buying a new car.

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