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Thursday, December 23, 2004

It also probably completely and totally reinforced that southern californian tag. Next on the list, a film I took on dvd with me to vegas on the last trip. Alas, I only got to watch the first third. So I missed the happy dating, the break-up, the what these days would be called stalking, the mother's attempt at seduction and of course the whole prom scene. First time I came across Nicholas Cage. The Plimsoles appearing several times. A soundtrack I wish I owned (I wonder if I could find it on itunes...). I can even remembe ditching a Rainbow girl funciton and getting my boyfriend to drive me and my best friend down to the Galleria where we wondered around with wide-mouthed yokel grins for about 45 minutes before turning around and heading back up to the mountains. Ah. Valley Girl.

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