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Monday, January 24, 2005

Destroyed I tell you! Destroyed by JEALOUSY!!! Not only has she seen X three times, she saw Waits at the Wiltern. I could just weep in frustration.
And she’s right, I can’t resist a good music meme.
1. Album you've bought the most? – Album I have bought more than one time? I bought a copy of Los Angeles by X because I lost my original vinyl. And I think I may have bought Imperial Bedroom three times (once on vinyl, twice on cd, accidentally).
2. Download illegally? – Ella Fitzgerald, Mack the Knife. But otherwise I’ve started paying for my tracks. Not that I can find any Foo Fighters.
3. First album you owned? –Fly Like an Eagle –Steve Miller Band and Born Late by Shaun Cassidy for my 11th birthday. The first album I bought might have been something by The Carpenters. I too inherited the S & G from the ‘rents, took the Mammas and the Pappas too. Fool that I was, I turned my nose up at the Fifth Dimension.
4. Song you've had the most sex to? – Am I supposed to notice this?
5. Senior Prom song? – I grew up in a horrible rural California town that was heavily into hair-sprayed glamour rock, it was probably something by Journey. Like Don’t Stop Believin. I suppose I should be greatful it wasn’t something by REO Speedwagon. For the record, I wore white tails to my senior prom and well, created a bit of an impression.
6. First song you danced with the opposite sex to? – I can remember the junior high gym, but not the boy or the song. Fond later memories of Rock Lobster.
7. Album you listened to/listen to most in high school? – The first two years of high school had my serious Bealtes phase. I think I probably did damage to Revolver (Which I stole from my brother, who was into ZZ Top—have I talked about how much I hated the town I grew up in?). Then I discovered Lord God King Elvis Costello and the rest is history.
8. Album you listened to/listen to most in college? –Moving on from the last question, my then room-mate hid my Elvis Costello Imperial Bedroom after the actor broke up with me (a story worth blogging about), little knowing I had the album on tape and hence my walkman and I continued to be morose together.
9. Box set you own but don't brag to your friends about owning? – I’ll admit to the Billy Holiday. No one seems to care, though
10. First concert? – Little Richard, Magic Mountain. Saw Pat Boone the same year at Knott’s Berry Farm..
11. First concert you paid for with your own money? – Devo, Bakersfield.
12. Best concert ever? –Elvis Costello, The Blood and Chocolate Tour. A) Tom Perry showed up for the Encore. B) I was at a frat party a couple days later (alright, I was on the roof of a frat party doing upside down margaritas) and one of the brothers asked how was the concert. I told him it was better than sex. I stand by that review.
13. Worst concert ever? – Pat Boone?
14. Who have you seen three times or more? –Elvis, Elvis, Elvis. I even saw him with Burt!
15. If you get me really drunk, I might admit to knowing all the lyrics to....? – I do a great preamble to the US Constitution thanks to School House Rock.
16. Old rock star crush? – I can’t believe I am admitting this, Tom Petty. I had a thing for blondes when I was young.
17. Current rock star crush? –Dave Grohl. Shay from Nerd. Brandon Flowers.
18. Why don't more people like....? – John Coltrane. My friends all hate the jazz.
19. Why do so many people like...? – All that techno crap. I don’t get the techno thing.
20. First rock poster you owned? – I had a room decorated as a tribute to Sting. Should I add him to 16?
21. Rock poster on your wall now? – John Coltrane. I am in the market for some Lord God King Costello.

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