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Friday, January 14, 2005

I planned to do so much in the new year. So many blog posts to write! I wanted to blog about my gifts, what I liked, what I didn't, whether it was a good year. I have a whole how I am approaching new year's resolutions blog to make (I hope, sometime before the end of the month) and I am toying with starting another blog. A blog not for the faint-hearted. A blog based upon Pansy's attempt to find a boy through internet dating. Well, something like that. That blog might still happen. It will likely be quite a rude blog though. And well, I do worry that Pansy is sick or something cos I ain't heard from her since Xmas. But before I start anything else, I figure I need to finish my favorite ten film list. It has only taken me weeks and weeks and well, weeks.

Last up in a Kubrick film. Now it isn't Paths of Glory, which is my favorite war film and has an actor I swore could have been John Turuttoro's father. It isn't 2001 which started me off reading all sorts of sci-fi (In part because I couldn't understand the film. Strangely enough Kubrick is responsible for getting me to read Stephen King for exactly the same reasons with The Shining). It is actually this film, which I saw in Berkeley with a french noir film Bob Le Flabeur. I'll admit it, there is nothing like two classic black and whites (after a really nice Italian meal in North Beach) to make you feel like a cultural elitist. And boy was I smug watching Reservoir Dogs and knowing I'd seen the source. Strangely my list begins with a crime film and ends with one. But even with my nifty new subscription to lovefilm.com, I still wish there was a good revival house somewhere in the Greater Belfast area. Because I love the big screen.

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woohoo! New look blog! new comments! Yippee!! Big thanks to Ma Bear for making my blog dreams come true.
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