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Monday, January 24, 2005

Dissed the Blessing on my blog. I love the Blessing, I really do. She makes me laugh (which annoys her); she currently likes dancing to Schoolhouse Rock with me; she has some lovely Bratz dolls. But she keeps taking my Teddy Bear. Now, I may have alluded to how badly the H did christmas this year. He got be a trio of Charlie Kaufman movies (an okay gift but really for him, but I am guilty of the same present logic), some horrible lingerie that doesn't even fit and finally a small purple bear that you put in the microwave to get warm and smells of lavender. It was the most successful of the presents. I like the bear. It's been cold; the bear is warm. The Blessing keeps taking the bear. Last night she took the bear off my cold feet because she was cold. She then informed me she was taking the bear to bed.
I want my bear back!

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