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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

...And as I am at my number ten, I thought rather than reveal the last one (It's a Kubrick film, if you want a hing) I would actually blog about what didn't make the list. I most regret not having any room on my list for any Spike Lee. For a long, long time, Do the Right Thing was on the list. I really like Lee as a film-maker, even if he is just so New Yorkish. I actually like School Daze and somehow made my mother watch He Got Game, which she kind of enjoyed but was a bit puzzled by and well, Lee has used one of my favorite actors over and over again (See film choice #3) but he doesn't make the list. I don't have to think twice about not having Woody Allen on the list. Yes, I loved Sleeper. When I was 12. The H gave me a bunch of Charlie Kaufman for Xmas (The H sucked this year at presents. Sucked!) and even watching them over again, yes they are imaginative and all but no, not on the top ten list. Fight Club (Brad every day of the week and twice on Sunday, yeah, I hear you are single, Mr. Smelly) almost made it onto the list. So close. Great direction, great dialogue. And Beautiful Brad. It could climb up in years to come.

Speaking of Xmas, I didn't get a dvd subscription but I did get the job so I went out and signed myself up. Which means I can go to work on films I have always wanted to see but just failed at it. Top of the list is Touch of Evil. Really wanted to see it when they released the new print about 7 years ago. Missed it. Only ever seen snatches of it on late night BBC2. That is all going to change this week. I was quite excited that over Xmas they were going to show The Wicker Man on ITV. I was excited. Alas, thanks to the joys of Ulster Television, they didn't show it when I expected it and I was only told after the fact when it was shown. Now I have seen this film. I saw bits of it when I must of been on the cusp of adolesence. For years afterwards, I could recall scenes, dreamt about scenes, was astonished by the narrative hold it had one me. I thought perhaps I had imagined the whole thing, then caught it one night on late night television in my early college years. I was just so excited that it wasn't a figment of my mind but actually existed that I to this day can't recall if it was any good or if I liked it. I have to watch it to put some demons to sleep. A colleague sits at my shoulder. Must stop blogging now.

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