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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I am in love with a band. I feel like I am 16 again. I would like to blame it all on The Killers (I quite fancy Brandon Flowers) and well with the joys of the mp3 player and downloads from msn.co.uk I have been stocking up on Beastie Boys and ABC tracks. Which is all fine and dandy but it was music I knew. Music I liked enough for a single but not a whole album. Then The Killers weren't putting there stuff out on download so I had to buy their cd. Which was okay. It sounds quite chameleonesque and I felt young and hip. But on Sunday, I saw this band perform on cd:uk (which is sad, I know) and I was captivated. Mesmerized. So, having only heard the single once, I had to download. It isn't even in the shops. I have already listened to it twice this morning before forcing myself to listen to other songs. But I feel like an addict. I itch to get out the mp3 player and play it. Quite loud, while saying, oh, oh, oh at the same time. Love, I tell you, love. I want to buy the whole cd. I want to get a t-shirt. They have no plans to tour in Ireland. Desolate I am desolate. And I want to dance. And they have that great northern accent too.

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