kate and pansy
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I know, I know, I promised a post on snooker. And I will post on snooker. And John Virgo and Matthew's pink hair and well back to my Gimme a Break fantasy. I also am suffering the urge to blog about how the Girl's Brigade is undermining my life. But I felt as I had asked what my ideal question for interview would be, I should give you the model answer, which came from the person who used to perform the job...

Yes and the model answer would have been:-
"He is indeed cool in an off hand, cynical, bored with life kind of way
but in my opinion Warrick is still the coolest whilst Grissom proves
again he is the best CSI supervisor (followed by Mack Taylor"

And for extra, extra points state - "Det Aiden Burn NYPD CSI is the
I now love her...

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Just like the state of nature, nasty, brutish and short...I was always fond of the nickname 'Craxi'...Sometimes I cook, sometimes I tend bar, sometimes I even knit. Mostly I try not to read the plethora of government publications that cross my desk and write one page summaries.
favorite food: lobster. ben and jerry's ice cream
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