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Monday, April 11, 2005

I'll admit that I have had the occasional good-natured argument in the office lately about whether or not there was too much pope. I didn't mind the funeral or indeed the retrospectives after his death before the funeral and I have a major soft spot for the college of cardinals and the whole white smoke business. But I did think the deathwatch of the pope in the last few days of the pope's life was a little overboard. Anyway, I am home Friday, recovering from the whole interviewing experience (don't ask) and well the H opines that surely the popes can't trace themselves back to the original Peter and I think, well yes, I suspect they can and well out came google and a lovely place where you can get a poster of all the popes but even more exciting was the wikipedia entry. I love Pope Formosus. Presbyterians really suck at alll the interesting bit of religion. They never have a Cadaver Synod.

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