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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

So My Mother worries about Me
Years ago my mother bought me one of these for Christmas but before she gave it to me, she took it out of the box, looked at it, and decided it was too dangerous (and let's get a little crazy American persepctive on this, my little brother when he turned 12, was given a semi-automatic rifle by his boy scoutmaster). She boxed it up and returned it. She just had visions of me slicing my fingers off. Still, spending too much time in kitchen shops, looking for potential gifts, she came across a green plastic version and decided as it was green and plastic and called neon! it couldn't possibly be as dangerous as the one she had before. I let it sit in its box for years. I took it out last night to cut a cucumber into thin strips. It was fantastic! I can't believed I waited so long to try out such a useful piece of silly chef equipment. No, I didn't lose any fingers. But those blades, forget the plastic, those blades are still dangerous. I just won't tell my mother.

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