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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I can't believe my lovely welsh-speaking boy was beaten by a cherubic god-fearing christian. Matthew, I fear is destined to always be a bridesmaid.

I think I may be watching too much CSI. I know this is what they have been saying in the office for months. But last night I had my first full-on CSI dream. And it was a CSI:NY dream. It followed on from last Saturday's episode in which it was all about the boy with the glasses and how he was involved with the Tanglewood Boys. I wish I could tell you the details, the plot twists, and the gory bodies, but I can't remember it now. I suppose I should just be happy that I haven't had any snooker dreams. I blame the BBC. not enough snooker coverage. And well, I am madly in love with Dennis Taylor. He has a lovely soothing voice. He'd be excellent at cricket coverage, I bet. Ronnie though appears to be losing his grasp on reality. Did you see his interview on why he shaved his head? And who is this Paxman guy, complaining that his coverage doesn't get precedence over the snooker? He needs to get a life.

Well, I am back to being bored senseless by the election. Don't care. Don't care. Don't care. Sammy Wilson came to my door thought. Freaked me out. I was playing my favorite computer game in which i am rampaging nordic hordes, invoking the power of Thor and running amock against greeks and egyptians. He didn't want to talk to me though. At first I thought it was because he could see how untidy my house was (the blessing's muddy, pink, wellies outside the door) and realised that if I was that untidy there was no way I could be a DUP voter. Then I calmed down and realised that the DUP surely know that as a former Alliance candidate, they don't have a hope in hell with my house. He did spend ages across the street admiring motorbikes. I do regret not using my chance to tell him that his election posters make him look like a bnp candidate. No, really. I don't get why he was shot from that angle.

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